Best Practices – Trickling Springs Creamery

Founded in 2001 with the goal of producing premium dairy products for Franklin County PA and Washington County MD residents, Trickling Springs Creamery has grown and expanded over the years. Today you can find TSC products up and down the east coast and in grocery stores as far west as California.

The founder’s vision was to use local family farms where they could ensure the high standards they had established (best care for their animals, year-round grass intensive diets and maintaining their land’s eco-sustainability) would be maintained. In addition, that their products were minimally processed using low-temp pasteurization, simple ingredients and no additives.

The founder’s vision and timing was spot on. Consumer demand for organic and minimally processed food products outpaced the growth of traditional food markets, growing from $2.5 B in the late 1990s to more than $46 B in 2016. Most excitingly, the growth of Trickling Springs Creamery paralleled the trajectory of the national organic food market.

Graphics Universal Incorporated is the exclusive print provider of pressure sensitive labels and bottle collars for Trickling Springs Creamery dairy products.


As Trickling Springs began to grow it quickly became apparent to them that they would need to develop relationships with vendors who also understood their vision and who were willing to think outside the box to provide innovative solutions during this period of accelerated growth. Most importantly, the same attention to detail and passion for excellence that they demanded from their family farms was also needed from these vendors. Simply speaking, they needed vendors who would partner with them.

How Graphics Universal answered the call

The complexity of the TSC operations model also grew. Increasing unit volumes and an expanding geographic footprint would necessitate greater sophistication in their business relationships. Understanding this Graphic Universal proposed a Key Account Review. This “best practice” was put in place to establish a foundation for the next period of growth for TSC and its relationship with Graphics Universal.

Joe Miller, Director of Marketing and Specialty Sales commented, “Several years ago Graphics Universal proposed that we meet every other month to jointly review KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) of our business relationship to ensure expectations from both our perspectives were being met, and to identify potential problem areas before they impacted TSC clients.


In a recent meeting our production leadership brought an issue regarding labels not adhering correctly. The issue was jointly researched and it was determined that a change in the bottle design had caused the problem, and a stronger adhesive was needed. In another meeting we collaborated to create a solution for a unique labeling need we had. These review meetings have delivered as advertised.”

Key Account Review Meetings are one of several best practices that are differentiating Graphics Universal from its competition. The meetings follow a formal agenda, using a balanced planning format with Customer, Process, Financial and Growth perspectives. The frequency of meetings varies based on the client requirement, usually occurring four to six times per year and are attended by key stake holders from both organizations.



Sample Review Agenda

  1. Customer Perspective – High level overview of the past months activities and GUI performance. Set needed action items.
  2. Process Perspective – Detailed review of units received and delivered; on-time delivery and error ratios. Identify root cause and set needed corrective actions as needed.
  3. Financial Perspective – Review monthly, quarterly and year to date spend, trends, accounts receivables, etc. Set needed action items.
  4. Learning and Growth Perspectives – Discuss upcoming volume expectations, what’s new at organizations, insights and “blue sky” ideas that could be beneficial to the relationship. Set needed action items.


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