Employee Experience – The Graphics Universal Difference


For more than fifty-five years businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes have trusted Graphics Universal Incorporated with their most important printing projects. Known for its client focus and commitment to excellence, Graphics Universal is defined by its track record of creating long-term, loyal clients. Graphics Universal believes that creating an exceptional customer experience that yields loyal clients is far from happenstance, it is intentional and a direct outcome of an exceptional employee experience. 


The Graphics Universal Difference

Compared to the current US employment average of 4.1 years, the Graphics Universal team has 3.5 times the national average or more than 15 years experience per team member. In a time when average employment tenure is shrinking nationally, our focus on employee experience has been the difference in our ability to consistently deliver for our clients.


Why Employee Experience Is So Important to Our Clients

We define Employee Experience as the sum of what people encounter, learn, produce, earn, and feel during their employment tenure with us. With the challenges to hire top talent facing most organizations today we believe that Employee Experience is paramount to our organizational success. 

Employee Experience goes hand in hand with engagement and talent. When we are hitting on all three areas as an organization, i.e., long tenure, employee engagement and talent we can be confident that we are providing industry best quality and service and that our clients are having an exceptional customer experience. 

How do you create a culture of engaged employees? We believe that employee engagement is earned by a company. This is accomplished by creating a corporate culture where the company values mirror the employee’s individual values and where employees feel respected, trusted, and valued.

How long tenure benefits our customers? The number of years an employee spends working for the same organization is directly related to an employee’s job specific knowledge and process expertise. With such a high percentage of our Graphics Universal staff long tenured, our team is uniquely knowledgeable of our services, deliverables, customers, and culture. For Graphics Universal this has also resulted in engaged employees mentoring junior employees on process, best practices, and client specific requirements.



How We Attract Top Talent.

At Graphic’s Universal, we believe an organization’s strength is largely determined by the quality of its people. The way to attract great talent is to have a reputation as somewhere candidates want to work and by providing a strong organizational culture that top talent will want to align themselves with.

Choosing a print solutions partner can be challenging, especially today when you are just a click away from a plethora of options. With so many choices, how can you be sure that the print provider you choose has the capabilities and expertise needed to deliver for you?

Start with experience. Since 1965, businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes have trusted Graphics Universal with their most important projects.

Review capabilities. The Graphics Universal offering is well diversified and includes complete design, and prepress services, digital, wide format, offset, flexographic printing, and finishing capabilities.

Our approach. Beginning with the first time we meet you our goal is to build a relationship that adds value to your business. We understand that each of our clients have unique requirements and business challenges for which it is our responsibility to understand and align our solution. 

Most importantly, choose a print supplier where its employee experience is exceptional.