How do I set up an electronic file?

The document should be set up the exact size of the final trimmed size. If your final size is a 6×8 flyer, your file set up should be 6×8, NOT 6×8 placed on an 8.5×11 page. When it is necessary for a bleed, the image must be at least an 1/8” over the trim size. You must accommodate the extra 1/8” in your placed/linked images. Do not increase the document size. Folding templates are available. Please contact your Customer Service Representative for these.

What layout program should I use?

We would prefer to have files supplied as Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrtor documents. If not, Quark Xpress is also recommended. Microsoft Word and Excel are not page layout programs.

What are linked/original art files?

Original art is the vector-based (Adobe Illustrator) and raster-based (Adobe Photoshop) images. We would appreciate you including both the un-created to outlines and created to outlines Illustrator files, and the layered and flattened Photoshop files.

How do I send in an electronic file?

After consulting with our customer service representative, you may send in your files on a CD, Zip, or Floppy, by mail. You may also use StuffIt, if your file size is reasonable, you may attach it to an email.Another option, let us type, layout, and design your job.All you need to do is fax in the text.


Make sure you have selected the correct type of color to use in your job, spot, process, or Pantone. Any spot or Pantone colors need to specified in all applications used. Color name extensions (CVC, CV, CVU) must also be specified.


A bleed must be at least 1/8” over the final size crop marks. You must accommodate for this when creating your placed/linked images, extend the image larger than you need. Don’t increase your document size.

Photos and line art?

Raster-based art or scanned images should have a dpi of 350 or higher, in CMYK mode. All vector-based art should also be supplied in CMYK mode or have color specified swatches. All graphic lines must be no smaller than .25 pt.

Don’t . . .

Don’t use Photoshop as a page layout program.

Don’t rotate, skew, distort, or over scale graphics in a page layout application. Apply these effects in the originating application.

Don’t apply type styles (i.e., italics, underline, shadows) in a page layout application. Choose the actual font, if you need an italic, or create it, and place in as a linked art.

Don’t use low res or wrong format images. (i.e., gifs, pict, paint).